Up North Orienteers presents

The Winter 2004-2005 Windblown Trim-O Ski-O Point Series


Winter is the season when snow falls and spirits rise

Windblown is a premier cross-country ski center in southern New Hampshire (see www.windblownxc.com)

Orienteering is a sport of map and compass where the object is to visit the points specified on a map in the shortest time

Trim-O is a semi-permanent orienteering course used for training

Ski-O is the winter version of Orienteering and is undoubtedly the finest sport in the world

A Point Series is a multi-event competition where points are accumulated


During the winter of 2004-2005 a series of self-service ski-orienteering courses will be set at Windblown Cross Country Center. The course will change about every two weeks during the season and will be posted at www.geocities.com/glidexc/. Skiers who complete the course may email their elapsed times to the organizer. Times will be posted occasionally during the period and points awarded as each period ends. At season end we have plans for extravagant prizes.


Everyone must have a Windblown trail pass. There is no additional charge for people who print their own map and provide their own punch card. Preprinted course maps and punch cards will available at Windblown for $2. 


The actual periods will depend on snowfall and the personal whims of the organizer. Except for periods 1 and 2 courses will open on Tuesday morning and close 13 days later on Sunday afternoon. Tentatively, the periods are:

Period 1- first snow thru Wednesday December 22

Period 2- December 23 thru January 3

Period 3- January 4 thru 16

Period 4- January 18 thru 30

Period 5- February 1 thru 13

Period 6- February 15 thru 27

Period 7- March 1 thru 13

Period 8- March 15 thru 27

Period 9- March 29 thru April 10


1st- 10 points, 2nd- 8 points, 3rd- 6 points, 4th- 4 points, 5th- 2 points, every other finisher- 1 point


There will be one advanced course and one novice course for each period. Points earned in one category may not be applied to the other.

Scoring and timing:

         Scoring and timing are entirely on the honor system.

         Start your elapsed time with one hand touching the main lodge building and end when you have completed the course and touched the building again.

         Compare your punch card to the master punch card on display in the lodge. If your punches match, youíve completed the course. If not send in your time anyway with the number of punches you got right.


         Everyone must have a Windblown trail pass and may only attempt the course when Windblown is open.

         Complete the course in order.

         You may try each course as many times as you like but only your first attempt counts. And for fairness, unless it is your first time orienteering, you must enter on your first visit to Windblown after the new periodís map is posted.

         Follow all Windblown rules (such as designated one-way trails) and be nice to the other skiers.

         You may compete on skis or snowshoes. If you take off your skis or snowshoes you may not walk on or across any groomed trail. A single footstep on groomed snow is disqualification!


Email the organizer (GlideXC@yahoo.com) with the following information:

         The name to use in the results

         The course (advanced or novice), date, start time, finish time (including seconds), and elapsed time

         Comments, if any, in 12 words or less

On-going Updates, Maps, Results, etc:

Please see www.geocities.com/glidexc/

About Up North Orienteers:

Please see www.upnoor.org