Burnt Mountain Recreational Event, October 14-15, 2017;
-- associated with The Boulder Dash National Event.

It was a beautiful, if not unseasonable warm, weekend for the Burnt Mountain
Event. Local folks, family members of competitors in the National Event, and
others from as far away as Boston, came out to enjoy the weekend. When UNO puts
on a National Event, we also put on a local event, using many of the same
controls. To that end, we had a unique start and finish, but used many of the
National Event controls. The B controls were unique to the Recreational Event,
the numbered controls, were shared with the National Event.

Thanks to Pete Bundschuh- my a #1 helper, Carl Childs- who stepped in with
instruction when we were overwhelmed on Saturday, Bob Lux- there to help as
needed, Bob and Jeanne Walsh (visitors from Arizona and long-time UNO members)
with all around help in Sunday. Thanks to Ernst Linder and Steve Tarry for
setting the National Event controls on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

Thanks to all who came out to enjoy the weekend. We hope to see you again in
the forest.

-- Lex Bundschuh, Meet Director and Course Setter.

October 14 Saturday Burnt Mountain

White 2.5KM
Etienne Jacques (7 y. o.)      27:20
A. Finkenstaedt                37:22
Bali Lukerman                  53:20
Judy Herr                      58:50
Felipe Nunes                   61:31
Peter Zdunczyk                 61:50
Courtney Emerson               71:00

Yellow 2.8KM
Etienne Jacques                49.50
Lotte Solvany                  51:16
Peter Lewis                    61:00
Sue Randall                UNO 69:00
Carol Fink                DVOA 80:15
Jason Ballou                  109:00
Jan Binger                    148:00
Landrigans               CRLS 174:30
Erica Slutsky                 181:22
Felipe Nunes                   HFA #7
Helen Demakes             NEOC HFA  *
Lukas Nemet                    HFA  *
Madalein/ Rob Veale            HFA  *
Orange 3.7KM
Tony Federer               UNO 78:00
Roman Nemet                    87:29
Peter Lewis                   117:22
Katie Bleau              GAOC 132:00
Jennifer Laughlin             187:00
Cliff/Laura Russell            HFA  *
Brad Harkavy               168-HFA  *
Molly Houseman             210-HFA  *

HFA = Had Fun Anyway

October 15 Sunday Burnt Mountain

White 2.1KM
Etienne Jacques (7.y.o)         21:49
Erica Slutsky                   42:39
Isla Finlayson (5.y.o) UNO/NEOC 60:58
Carolyn Stone                   63:00
Kim Goerlich                    64:18

Yellow 2.1KM
Sue Randall                 UNO 36:17
Etienne Jacques                 42:27
Lani Skipper/ Tyler Nelson      44:00
Kimberly Goerlich               56:39
Carol Fink                 DVOA 75:30
Shaun Akhtar                    92:06
Aggie Kurtz                    105:05
A. Finkenstaedt (-1)            HFA *
Ann Marie Mador (-1, #6)        HFA  *
Helen Demakes                   HFA *
Orange 3.8KM
Garrett Nelson              UNO 45:30
Paul Schmidt               GMOC 66:22
Tony Federer                UNO 73:09
Molly Housman                   75:11
Christopher T. Williams     UNO 76:24
Brad Harkavy               NEOC 111:45
Lotte/Keriann                   144:45
Jen Laughlin                    159:21
Amanda Burns/Jay Avis           183:32
Keith Farano                    186:45
Melissa Williams             UNO HFA*

*Had Fun Anyway