Beaver Brook November 28, 2021

DIY Permanent Courses for fun during COVID

Orienteering any time!

Dartmouth's Oak Hill in Hanover
There are two courses: Yellow and Green.

New to Orienteering?

Orienteering any time!

New to orienteering?
Beginners always welcome.

Learn more on our For Beginners page.

Control flags are placed on many different features

UNO is New Hampshire's Orienteering Club


In orienteering, you use a map and compass to navigate a course through unfamiliar terrain. People of all ages enjoy orienteering as a leisurely walk in the woods, a competitive cross-country race, and everything in between.

Up North Orienteers is a dynamic and friendly orienteering club. We are noted for welcoming newcomers. Our goal is to foster and promote orienteering as a recreational and competitive sport.

We offer a full schedule of orienteering in New Hampshire. Our event season runs April to October, with a break in the summer. We have occasional winter events. Our schedule is dominated by informal local meets which are designed for beginners and casual orienteers, but challenging enough for competitive orienteers.

Orienteering is an inexpensive activity everyone can enjoy, regardless of age or experience. Our local events begin at just $5 per map.

Our events are held across the state. We always offer instruction for beginners, or those needing a refresher course. Teaching and training is part of our purpose.

If you are looking for a new adventure which mixes the great outdoors with a bit of a scavenger hunt, orienteering is for you. If you already enjoy hiking, trail running, geocaching, adventure racing, or just leisurely walks in the woods, come and see what orienteering is all about.

We have started an occasional e-newsletter which will consist of updates on UNO's event calendar, requests for volunteers, alerts on impromptu training sessions, and other orienteering related info. If you would like to subscribe, enter your email here. Of course, you can unsubscribe at anytime.

Pawtuckaway State Park
Always the weekend AFTER Labor Day

Family friendly • Beginners welcome
2 days of orienteering • potluck dinner • night-O

Camping Weekend 2021 RESULTS

October 18-20, 2019
Gunstock Mountain Resort, Gilford, NH


Orienteering is a road rally on foot.

Orienteering is a cross country race where you pick your own course.

Orienteers learn to read a map and use a compass.

Orienteering is an international sport.

Orienteering is a problem-solving walk.

Orienteering is a stroll-with-goals with pets and children.

Orienteering is fun with a map.

Orienteering is a treasure hunt in the forest.