2021 UNO Annual Meeting

November 27, 2021/Beaver Brook Association

Meeting convened 1:30 pm.

In attendance: Jim Arsenault, Ben Arsenault, Aims Coney, J-J Cote, Jim Paschetto, Steve Tarry, Lex & Pete Bundschuh, Michael Commons & Patti Miller, Ed Kotowski (Liz at the end), Alar & Eva Ruutopold, Ernst Linder, Jeff Saeger & Judy Karpinski, Paul Regan, Deb Humiston, Darrell Scott, Bob Lux

Camping Weekend – Group concurrence to have 1 day be an NRE – preferably Saturday.

Courses – Alar, J-J (maybe), Pete & Lex White/Yellow

Vetters - Ernst, Clint Morse

Canoe-O – Ed & Liz

Vampire-O – Steve & Tracey (presumably)

WHNO – Jim

Next Boulder Dash – Wide-ranging discussion with many interconnected and divergent points made.  Final consensus (not unanimous) – next Boulder Dash to be mid-April to very early May 2023. No dissent stated to location of Hollis Town Forest & Beaver Brook.

We do NOT desire to host the Jr Nationals – initially there was some support for the concept, but as we discussed the challenges peculiar to this event (more courses, 2 starts each day, results and category complexities), straw poll changed to some opposed and some neutral, none in (strong) favor of hosting. Regrouped and reaffirmed majority support to host a ‘normal’ Boulder Dash.  Discussion on timing – possibility of late snow in early to mid-April to black flies appearing in early-mid-May.  West Point National Event dates TBD.  We’ll assess black fly season in spring 2022 before finalizing the date.

UNO Membership model – wide ranging discussion that started with Lex’s question on local event fees. Some support for first timers being no-cost, with others countering that $5 or $10 is very low cost compared to other outdoor/athletic offerings. Discussion on moving to a NEOC-style membership model – annual fee $30 – $35 range for an individual, $60 for a family. Members run free at all local normal events (including Camping Weekend regular foot orienteering courses.) Cost for those who are not members of UNO will be $5 (juniors) and $10 (adults). If participants decide to join UNO the day of the event, course fees can be applied to membership. Current UNO members ($20/yr.) to be converted into new model by spring season. Membership for those who join in the spring will be $20 . UNO membership year to continue to run Camping Weekend to just before next Camping Weekend. Jim Paschetto noted he has most of this already built. He has agreed to work with Deb (membership), Darrell (treasurer) and Eva (website) to move this forward.

2022 Proposed Local event schedule

  • Late March – early April – Mine Falls Steve T to update maps by early Feb.  Michael Commons possibly course setter (Steve T agreed he’d take Michael’s courses and review/flag controls locations on ground prior to the event – Steve unlikely to be around just before or on day-of event.)
  • College Woods – Ernst – April – May Timeframe
  • Carye Forest or Weeks Woods – Paul Regan – date TBD
  • Ft Rock – Deb – date TBD (update N part of the map near new parking area – Jim?)


  • Camping Weekend
  • Urban Forestry Center – Kotowskis - Oct 1
  • Harris Center – Alar – mid-Oct
  • Burnt Mtn – Jim to ask Kirsten Mayland if she’d be interested in setting/designing courses – UNO to “host” and provide support as needed. Date TBD

Mapping update – Jim Arsenault

Handed out current inventory of UNO maps with available information on maps and venues – updates from others welcome.  https://1drv.ms/u/s!An6AzqljWxpF9jTTK11NZhXHfbh6?e=6pmWVp

Back side of the list noting likely locations where Jim has already run lidar and in some cases is working with contacts on developing for various uses. He noted that some of these maps might be suitable for small events as-is or with very limited field checking. Good contours, lidar vegetation overlay provides some sense of runnability and in many cases most/all trails are included as Open Street Mapper or Strava info.  Suggestion made that rather than jumping in and using any for a local (normal) event, they first be used for BYOM or training events – with extent of prep somewhat dependent on the on-the-ground coordinator – nothing at control locations, streamers, O’ flag, and with timing possibly from GPS track or watch splits, QR codes, or smart phone (Usynligo) GPS-location timing.

Quite a bit of interest in this –Jim asked all to consider what they can do to get these smaller grassroots events up and going to support having something of value for UNO to offer to make membership appealing and better engage the people we know are interested.

Treasurer’s Report –Darrell Scott. Income from Camping Weekend $1713. Expenses: Social Media Advertising ($197.88); USOF Rechartering Fees and Dues ($342). Checking account balance: $28, 813.47

Membership – Deb Humiston. 31 memberships as of early November, 5 additional memberships today. If you are not sure of your  membership status, please check with Deb Humiston (contact via UNO web site: upnoor.org). We will try to be moving towards an on line only membership renewal.

Election –Darrell and Deb agreed to continue another year in their roles. Jim and Lex ready to step aside and support new leadership, but no takers. Discussion on UNO charter with no elected board authorized to make decisions versus NEOC having an elected BoD which is the operational decision making body.  Unanimous vote in favor of slate –

Numero UNO – Jim Arsenault

UNO Dos – Lex Bundschuh

Treasurer – Darrell Scott

Membership – Deb Humiston

Jim noted his conflict of interest as a compensated mapper for the club and his position as Numero UNO. Motion from the floor for Jim be paid $5000 for the Hollis Town Forest Map and $9000 for the Beaver Brook Map. This passed unanimously. (Of note, this was negotiated and agreed upon previously)

Meeting convened ~3:15 pm

Respectfully Submitted- Lex Bundschuh and Jim Arsenault