UNO Annual Meeting minutes—December 7, 2019

UNO Meeting December 7, 2019
Beaver Brook

Present: Jim Arsenault, Paul Regan, Steve Tarry, Bob Lux, Ernst Linder, Pete Bundschuh, Lex Bundschuh, Dorina Nimijean (for a short time), Alar and Eva Ruutopold via phone (for most of the meeting).

Faye Doria- President, sent out a tentative agenda. She has moved to Nevada, so she has resigned as Numero Uno.

Financial Statement reviewed (thanks to Darrell Scott, who could not attend). UNO is in good shape financially with $28,399.35 in our checking account (compared with $23,675.82 on 1/1/19)

Membership- All agree we need more members (and younger ones!). How to get?? Marketing/Publicity/new maps near metro (Nashua, Manchester, Concord) areas. Consider Hospitality role at events.

Web site discussion: Jim Paschetto has been a great help. Paul will contact Jim P. to discuss what he would like to do for UNO, perhaps with compensation. Web master contact is currently Jim P and Eva Ruutopold. It seems as though Faye has been reminding Event Directors to get the website updated with event information. Going forward, Lex will nudge people to do this.

Mail Chimp: can Deb Humiston send out reminders the week prior to event? Lex will contact Deb to find out how this might be able to be done.

Scout O: Jim Arsenault is working with scout groups to map scout camps. UNO would be able to use maps for 1 event per year. UNO should consider hosting a Scout-O, similar to what NEOC does, to introduce scouts to orienteering and increase our exposure, once a scout camp map is completed.

Mapping: Mine Falls- Steve Tarry will work on this, possibly to be updated by the 2020 event.
Hollis Town Forest- to be updated by Jim (professionally) for possible 2021 BD
Beaver Brook- to be updated by Jim (professionally) for possible 2021 BD
Fox Forest- Pete will visit to see if should be updated (is it usable anymore?)
Hackett Hill- Pete will visit to see if should be updated (is it usable anymore?)
Horse Hill Preserve (Merrimack) – Alar
Jim is creating an on-line repository for all of UNO’s maps, including a spreadsheet inventory with information on all maps. Repository will be read-only with files to be uploaded only by map coordinator to assist with version control. Anyone having electronic versions of current maps, or paper copies of older maps should get those to Jim.
Jim Arsenault is our mapping chairman, updating and willing to map new areas. Given that this is a professional endeavor for him, UNO will compensate him….

Meet Up Groups: Faye was doing some publicity with this. Lex will ask Deb Humiston to see if she has been/ will do this.

Boulder Dash 2021- possibly Beaver Brook and Hollis Town Forest (Lex and Pete)

Boulder Dash 2023- Steve Tarry- possibly- Short (or Relay)/ Middle/ Long. He has a few ideas as to sites. Thinking of over Labor Day Weekend, with camping weekend at Pawtuckaway the next weekend. Possibly ask NEOC to put on a midweek event.

UNO East Equipment- Ernst will house this.

OCAD licenses: Jim informed us that there is a new licensing opportunity where we could have a team license that could be shared by multiple people (1 person at a time). We decided to hold off on this for now.

2020 (tentative) Schedule:
April 11- Mine Falls – Meet Director? Lex to ask Nancy D.
May 3- College Woods- Ernst Linder. If West Point that weekend, then April 25/26
June- ? Fort Rock- Lex to ask Deb H. Perhaps Garrett Nelson to be asked to help.
June- Weeks Woods- Jim
September 12-13: Pawtuckaway Camping Weekend- Lex/Pete/Eva/Alar
Canoe O- Liz and Ed
WHNO- Jim and JJ
Courses- Jim and Ernst- possibly middle and long courses, available Sat and Sun
String/SW/W/Y – Lex and Pete
Dinner- Lex to ask Darrell and Michelle Scott
Vampire O- Lex to ask Steve and Tracey Olafsen
October 4- Nottingcook- Paul and Bob
Fall- Gunstock- Jim (?NRE without fees)
O Ringen/ Harris Center-Alar
December 5- Beaver Brook (only need 4 month embargo for 2021 non championship national event). Lex and Pete (but likely leaving town on Sunday, so will need folks to pick up controls)

Thanks to Darrell Scott for his leadership as the Meet Director for the 2019 Boulder Dash at Gunstock.

Numero Uno and Duo (not meaning Numero Uno next year 🙂 – Jim (Uno) and Lex (Duo)- unanimous vote of those present.

Respectfully submitted by Lex (as there were no willing volunteers!!!)