Beaver Brook – December 7, 2019

Forty-three people, many new to orienteering, participated in this event which took place on a sunny day with snow-packed trails and deep snow off trails. Five days before this event, we received over 20” of snow. Needless to say, having a regular foot-O event, with many courses off trails, would have been no fun. So, with only a few days to go, the courses needed to be changed. In the end, we offered some routine orienteering courses. Short White and White could be done on foot. Yellow could be done on foot or snowshoes (with any off-trail travel met with sinking into snow). Orange (with a few controls moved, a few deleted) was best done on snowshoes. Tan (unchanged from planned course) required snow shoes. We had 2 ski-O courses, mostly on trails (but not ski trails!). The longer course was described by some as intense but awesome.

When picking up the controls, it was interesting to see all the different route choices, as evidenced by tracks in the snow.

Thanks to Liz Kotowski for helping with registration; Ed Kotowski and Paul Regan for instruction (Paul even shadowed a group on the short white course); Ernst Linder and Dorina Nimigean for picking up controls; Alar Ruutopold for streamering controls (many of which we unfortunately could not use due to the snow conditions); and Pete Bundschuh for all around support.

Thanks also to Beaver Brook Association for allowing us to use Maple Hill Barn and trails and forests of Beaver Brook.

– Lex Bundschuh, Event Director

Short White – 0.9 Km 4 controls
Shelly&Son Quinn 00:30:59
Shelley&Daughter Quinn 00:31:03
Arthur Waller &Steve&Betsy 00:36:29
Michael Commons 00:57:18
Patrice Miller 00:57:19
White – 1.3 Km 6 contols
Ellen Albert 00:29:17
Laura Kozel 00:36:00
Kim Macdonald-Cahill 00:47:29
Jake Klanber 01:06:04
AJ Quaine 01:06:04
Marhe Botimo 01:06:43
Yellow – 2.0 Km 8 controls
Laura Kozel 01:17:18
Stephen&Beth Sauer 01:33:19
Kim Macdonald-Cahill 01:38:48
Andrew Stone 01:56:31
Merrimack Valley 02:12:14
Orange – 3.0 Km 9 controls
David Smith 01:42:15
Don Fallis HFA
Tan – 1.8 Km 6 controls
Garrett Nelson 00:32:46
Ernst Linder 00:38:47
Ed Kotowski 00:55:00
Richard Brouillette 01:01:12
Ski-O 1 – 3.6 Km 7 controls
Harald & Anna Martner 01:11:18
Ann Jocknick 01:26:37
Ski-O 2 – 5.4 Km 10 controls
Ernst Linder 01:03:54
Jim Arsenault 01:10:25
Jonas Martner 01:10:53
Tim Martner 01:14:15
J-J Cote 01:18:57
[Note: J-J Cote did the Ski-O 2 on showshoes]