Burnt Mountain – May 12, 2019

In conjunction with the Billygoat (and the Kid), we had a recreational event. Most of the competitors were there with someone who was running the Goat. We did have some folks brand new to orienteering and some who were long time orienteers as well.

Thanks to Eva Ruutopold, Faye Doria and Kristine Bundschuh for all their help. They basically ran the entire day without me.

Lex Bundschuh, Meet Director

White – 1.3K, 5 controls
Etienne Jacques 11:30
Tor Webb 12:12
Lucas Webb 23:31
Catie and Ben 36:38
Lukas Luis 64:23
Nadine Cybulski 86:50
Inara Granovskiy HFA
Yellow – 2.0K, 9 controls
Tor Webb 34:32
Ben and Catie 49:24
Etienne Jacques 68:59
Alana Commons 163:50
Michael Commons 165:84
Orange – 3.0K, 9 controls
Etienne Jacques 54:59
Tor Webb 54:59
Brown – 2.7K, 8 controls
Garrett Nelson 33:46
Paul Schmidt 44:39
Thayer Raines 82:42
Matthew R St Onge 121:03
Candice Raines 150:18
Martha Kennard HFA