College Woods – May 4, 2019

We finally got a break in the rainy pattern with a completely dry day, and some sunshine at the end of the meet. Even with the damp (okay, it was muddy) ground, we had a nice turnout. Ernst Linder again used the smaller area wisely and came up with interesting courses. The picnic shelter came in handy early since it remained dry overnight, but was abandoned once the sun came out. Thanks to Bob Lux and Jim Arsenault who came early to help with registration and hanging the last controls. Pete and Lex Bundschuh stayed for control pick-up. And others jumped in with registration and finishes when it got really busy. Thanks to Ernst for doing all the course design, printing, and hanging controls. He makes it easy to co-direct the meet with him. -Faye Doria

Name Club Time
White 1.5 km 7 controls
Peter Campbell COC 21:00
Oliver Aucella UNO HFA
Yellow 2.3 km 8 controls
Tina & Alan Fecteau   81:16:00
Sean Torrez + kids UNO 100:57:00
Kelly & Sandra   105:02:00
Janene Davis   HFA
Orange 4.0 km 14 controls
Dan Kahn   84:05:00
Diane Keriazas + family UNO 109:57:00
Jill Brooker   120:15:00
Douglas Nicholls   125:20:00
Tan 2.0 km 8 controls
Anna Campbell UNO 26:23:00
Tom Jahn   73:42:00
Alana Commons UNO 77:24:00
Patti Commons UNO 157:25:00
Michael Commons UNO 160:48:00
Brown 3.0 km 11 controls
Tori Campbell UNO 38:13:00
Anna Campbell UNO 50:03:00
Pete Bundschuh UNO 55:37:00
Judy Karpinski UNO 73:03:00
Tomas Dundzila UNO 73:35:00
Lex Bundschuh UNO 85:22:00
John Kernechan   124:53:00
Richard Shapiro   135:03:00
Green 4.6 km 17 controls
Peter Goodwin UNO 82:49:00
David Quinn   95:40:00
Nancy Duprey   96:36:00
Jim Paschetto UNO 98:26:00
Jim Crawford   112:33:00
Bill Binette   146:23:00
Matthew St. Onge   156:15:00
Red 6.1 km 22 controls
Jon Campbell UNO 54:58:00
Magnus Bjorkman   63:33:00
Kinley Viandier   69:17:00
Jeff Saeger UNO 71:07:00
Tori Campbell UNO 74:48:00
Garrett Nelson UNO 77:28:00
Jim Arsenault UNO 81:08:00
Kevin Brooker   89:04:00