Ernst Linder and Faye Doria, Co-Meet Directors

First the forecast was for showers in the late afternoon. Then it changed to all-day showers. But we woke up Sunday to clouds and showers. It turned into a light steady rain by mid-morning and continued most of the day. It was warm, and nearly every runner came out of the woods with a smile on their face. We were pleasantly surprised at the turn-out, with runners competing on every course. We welcomed some returning to orienteering and some leaving the area.

Ernst Linder again did a masterful job of course-setting. He continues to make navigation technical, even with the network of trails. He also printed all the maps, and hung and picked up controls. Bob Lux was invaluable at registration. I’m not sure what I would have done without him! He also hung and picked up controls. Thanks to Steve Terry and Peter Goodwin for picking up controls. And thanks to everyone who showed up and helped in even tiny ways. You know who you are and it is always appreciated.

Faye Doria.

White 10 Controls 2.2 km
Peter McGurkin & Son   47:00
Osborn Family   78:00
Yellow 13 Controls  3.0 km
Peter McGurkin & Son   78:00
Sartorelli Group   87:50
Orange – Long Yellow 19 Controls 4.6 km
Steve Olafsen UNO 62:00
Tom Cronin   109:25
Robinson Group   162:20
Bob Leonard UNO 192:00
Tan 8 Controls 2.0 km
Liz Kotowski UNO 59:45
Michael and Patti Commons UNO 147:32
Brown 13 Controls 2.8 km
Ed Kotowski UNO 43:58
Jon Nash UNO 71:01
Sylvie Guichard NEOC 77:19
Judy Karpinski UNO DNF – 56:05 – missed 12
Green 14 Controls 4.7 km
Steve Olafsen UNO 71:14
Rafael Frutos UNO 80:44
Suzanne Wenger UNO 81:36
Pete Bundschuh UNO 82:03
Peter Goodwin UNO 91:11
Tom Randall   95:58
David Quinn   106:26
Lex Bundschuh UNO 108:28
Dorina Nimigean NEOC 112:56
Red 20 Controls 6.5 km
Tim Parson NEOC 68:45
Jeff Saeger NEOC 75:55
Kinley Vlandier   84:22
Jim Arsenault UNO 93:11
Steve Tarry UNO 94:32
Paul Regan UNO 125:07
Xavier Fradera NEOC 125:19
Darcy James   HFA – 9 controls