Alar Ruutopold, meet director/course setter

Weather: 60°F, perfect O-weather

Nice turnout of 50+ people on a beautiful fall day. Noticed this year that there was significant tree damage out there from microburst storms coming through this spring. Tried to avoid these blow downs as much as possible – this made the running even more challenging. Trails were indistinct and require some cleanup – need to maintain these trails throughout the year – something more to put on the list.

Brown course had the largest participation with some very close finishing times. I will be putting all the splits into the system so that you can review.

Thanks to Eva for the organization, Tiivo for streamering of the White/Yellow and to Peter Goodwin, Jim Arsenault, Will Daniels, Ernst, Faye for pickup.


White Course 1.3km, 11 Controls

Peter Campbell                                    51:07

Bennett Family                                    57:33

Tor Webb                                                27:55 (missed second last control)


Yellow Course, 3.0km, 12 Controls

Lukas Webb                                                51:15

Anna Campbell & Ens Pell                        75:02

Corin Brown                                                78:40

Alana & Michael Commons            HFA (got 5 of 12 controls)


Orange Course, 4.6km, 14 Controls

Charlotte Gray                                    99:11

Misha Klassen                                    117:43

Steve Fiedler                                                176:20


Tan Course, 1.6km, 7 Controls

Liz Kotowski                                                62:29

Al Jenks                                                63:39


Brown Course, 3.0km, 13 Controls

Pia Webb                                                54:39

Peter Gagarin                                    56:45

Ed Kotowski                                                65:55

Bob Lux                                                66:17

Peter Goodwin                                    79:43

Trisha Underwood                                    80:14

Deb Humiston                                    80:16

Roger Underwood                                    89:52

Judith Karpinski                                    98:08

Alex Kerr                                                153:29

The Trio                                                HFA

Nancy Duprey                                    HFA

Faye Doria                                                HFA


Green Course, 4.9km, 12 Controls

Carl Underwood                                    66:33

Stephen Richardson                        89:46

Steve Tarry                                                117:18

Ken Walker                                                134:54

Charlie DeWeese                                    144:42

Dean Sturdevant                                    159:25

Mark Webb                                                HFA

Janet Tryson                                                HFA

Darrell & Michelle Scott                        HFA

Bill Davidson                                                HFA


Red Course, 6.1km, 13 Controls

Jon Campbell                                    78:53

Ernst Linder                                                85:42

Victoria Campbell                                    100:56

Glen Tryson                                                103:20

JJ Cote                                                104:48

Tiivo Ruutopold                                    125:20

Paul Regan                                                184:59

Darcy and Morgan James                        HFA


Blue Course, 7.4km, 19 Controls

Will Daniels                                                120:24

Jeffrey Saeger                                    139:49

Jim Arsenault                                    142:03