The weathermen were right for a change – the rain cleared by morning but the winds were still howling. That made the depressions into lakes. It was much calmer in the woods than the open registration area. But we had a great turn-out for what felt more like winter than spring. I appreciated all the help from fellow UNO members.

Ed and Liz Kotowski came early just to hang controls. Darrell Scott brought his bike to hang the far controls. Patti Miller and Alana Commons came early, hung controls, set up registration, worked all day, retrieved some controls, and helped me stay sane. Michael Commons brought Sarthak Giri, Simran Malhotra to help with registration all day. Paul Regan and Darrell Scott stayed to pick up the bulk of the controls.

An apology to those who stopped to look for the control that was replaced by a tent between my putting out a streamer on Thursday and Darrell trying to hang the control on Saturday. No one seemed to be home, so only a little time was lost. If you didn’t get the word, feel free to subtract a few minutes from your time in your head.

We had participants as young as age 1 and as old as 89. Many were from the Nashua area, but others came from Nova Scotia, western Connecticut, and the Boston area. Some went out in small groups – families, meet-ups, friends – that may not be properly named in the results. But you all know who you are.

2.6 Km – 11 controls
Peter McGurkin 25:28
Brian Myrick 42:11
Bethany and Stephen 58:26
Krishna Penumatsa 60:11
Kelly and Sandra 70:04
Eric and Friends 73:30
Bob and Louise Carter 78:28
Soshma and Simran 80:12
Robyn Bouchard 91:25
Kristen MacWilliams 32:28 (skipped 2-5)
4.4 km – 11 controls
Ann Burnham 51:30
Michael Price 67:40
Bob and Louise Carter 79:54
Doug Nichols UNO 81:24
Lauren Keriazes UNO 81:46
3.3 km – 9 controls
Becky Carlyle 25:07
Steve Tarry and Arthur Waller 63:56
Tom Jahn 68:50
4.6 km – 11 controls
Jim Henderson 40:53
Michael Hughes 45:07
Peter McGurkin 45:16
Bob Burnham 48:36
Miroslav and Hristina 55:40
Matthew St. Onge 73:39
Richard Shapiro 74:05
5.4 km – 13 controls
(actually much longer since I didn’t put in the bridge crossings)
Jimmy Burnham 43:37
Alar Ruutopold UNO 44:17
Rob Gondolfo UNO 55:45
Mark O’Connell UNO 53:41
Jan Nowak 59:15
Scott Powers 60:17
Paul Regan UNO 66:25
Karen Yeowell 71:42
Jim Crawford 76:27
David Quinn NEOC 78:46