The weather was clear, but cool. The snow from the previous Friday had melted, and leaving only rare pockets of old snow in the coldest and shadiest spots. The trails were dry, but the water features were all high, making it necessary to find a bridge or get wet feet. We had a great turnout, and I was lucky to have so much help when I needed it.

Ed and Liz Kotowski came from sunny Florida just to hang controls. Gary Gallagher also came just to hang controls, and then hop away for his family’s Greek Easter.

Michael and Patti Commons came with chairs, tables, and food, and stayed all day to help with registration and instruction. Alana and Simran did an outstanding job of keeping calm with all the commotion of moving people through the registration process. Bob Lux came to help with instruction, and we gave lots of that.

We had about 60 participants, including club members from Sweden and Minnesota. Many went out in small groups – families, scouts, meet-ups, friends – that may not be properly named in the results. But you all know who you are.

Darrell Scott came to pick up controls, and Sam Levitin, Suzanne Wenger, and Rafael Frutos all helped with pick-up after their runs. Even Michael and Patti, Alana and Simran picked up a set of controls. We were all picked up, packed up, and driving away around 2 – which might be a record.

White – 2.3 km, 11 controls
Omprakash Voruganti   52:07
Katherine Miller   53:07
Kris & Jon   53:08
Leslie Cormier   53:08
Paula Kozak   53:18
David Martin Troop 141, Rutland 57:08
Ted White   59:33
Cathy McKinney   68:38
Yellow – 3.2 Km, 12 controls
Devin Coleman   42:24
Brent Novak   47:04
Mason Jordach   47:06
Landon Deardorff   48:05
Bob & Louise Carter   52:55
John Kernochan & Janine Davis NEOC 59:34
Conni, Carol, Cathy   60:49
Dave Walch   62:20
Clara Antonelli Frölunda OL 79:48
Anna Antonelli Frölunda OL 79:53
Mark Cossey   83:40
Heather Layton   106:48
Ellen Albert   107:04
Orange – 4.0 km, 12 controls
Doug Sevon NEOC 34:54
Ed Novak   47:49
Miles Deardorff   89:53
Brown – 2.1 km, 11 controls
Paula Crock NEOC 38:16
Troop 141   48:24
John Kernochan & Janine Davis UNO 52:57
Green – 4.6 km, 15 controls
Dorina Nimigean NEOC 58:23
Suzanne Wenger UNO 58:32
Red – 5.7 km, 23 controls
Tim Parson NEOC/UNO 46:32
Magnus Bjorkman NEOC 53:57
Doug Sveide Frölunda OL 58:11
Darryn Kozak MNOC 58:46
Mike Cooper NEOC 63:32
Joseph Ware   64:09
Rafael Frutos UNO 65:35
Doug Sevon NEOC 66:06
Paul Regan UNO 67:07
Sam Levitin NEOC 72:15