The 41st Annual Billygoat and the Kid – May 12, 2019

We had great running weather for the 41st Annual Billygoat at Burnt Mountain in Lebanon, NH. Cool (50s) and cloudy, but dry – well except for some of the footing. The local beavers were surprised by all the visitors crossing their dam on the way to #21 and also by Francis Falardeau’s unique aquatic shortcut to the finish. Even with the many trails added by the local mountain bike club, with map updates up until 2 days before the event it was a challenging course. Dartmouth College, which owns most of the mapped terrain, has a line from their alma mater that probably sums up the feeling of many competitors: they have “the granite of New Hampshire in their muscles and their brains.” The 2019 club award goes to the Buffalo Orienteering club for sending the team with the oldest person ever to finish (overtime but close) a Billygoat. Great job Walt, who was the entire team.

Thanks to all the participants for coming, and special thanks to Paul Regan for many trips for course setting/vetting/control hanging; Lex Bundschuh also for many setting/vetting/hanging trips and being the event registrar; Grace Bailey for the wonderful shirt design; and Darrell Scott and Betsy Giese for staffing the mid-point refreshment stop. Faye Doria, Alar Ruutopold, Darrell Scott, Paul Regan (again!!) and Dave Webber helped with control pickup.

Pete Bundschuh, Head Goat 2019

Billygoat – 12.0K, 425 Meters, 24 controls
Anthony Riley DVOA 1:40:31
Keegan Harkavy CSU 1:43:11
Francis Falardeau Ramblers 1:45:39
Peter Zakrevski HVO 1:50:01
William Hawkins WCOC 1:50:29
Boris Granovskiy QOC 1:50:35
Wyatt Riley DVOA 1:55:51
Vadim Masalkov DVOA 2:04:25
Andis Vitolins HVO 2:04:27
Joe Brautigam WCOC 2:09:07
Julia Doubson BAOC 2:10:30
Alexandra Jospe CSU 2:11:05
Philippe Cote Jacques Ramblers 2:12:23
Nathan Collinsworth ROC 2:13:30
Jonathan Campbell NEOC 2:13:37
Bridget Hall NEOC 2:13:43
Jimmy Burnham CSU 2:13:52
Kristin Hall NEOC 2:14:25
Magnus Bjorkman NEOC 2:14:57
Gregory Balter DVOA 2:16:33
Sven von Fellenberg Ramblers 2:21:50
Ari Ofsevit CSU 2:22:31
Ted Good QOC 2:23:18
Isabel Bryant CSU 2:25:48
Victoria Campbell NEOC 2:25:51
Edward Despard CSU 2:27:05
Todor Kolev OOC 2:31:07
David Oxenstierna HVO 2:33:48
J-J Cote LROC 2:34:11
Glen Tryson EMPO 2:46:11
Alar Ruutopold UNO 2:46:30
Jim Arsenault UNO 2:46:44
James Henderson WCOC 2:46:49
Richard Nietupski WCOC 2:46:49
Nadim Ahmed QOC 2:49:08
Sevastian Irimie Stars 2:50:36
Jeffrey Saeger NEOC 2:50:43
Tony Muffatti WCOC 3:14:05
Peggy Dickison OK 3:16:29
Paul Regan UNO 3:17:34
David Webber HVO 3:17:35
Mitch Collinsworth ROC 3:21:34
Phil Bricker NEOC 3:22:27
Stephen Tarry UNO 3:24:35
Raymond Chung TOC 3:25:15
Peter Goodwin UNO 3:25:48
Alexander Izzo SMOC 3:30:34
Grace Bailey UNO 3:31:30
Charlie DeWeese WCOC 3:31:40
Deborah Humiston UNO 3:31:42
Fred Pilon EMPO 3:31:59
Sharon Crawford RMOC 3:34:20
Jim Eagleton DVOA 3:34:35
Nate Lyons ROC 3:34:45
Walter Lyons BFLO 3:35:13
Michael Lyons ROC 3:35:15
Gavin Weise QOC 3:46:53
Martin Valiquette Ramblers 4:14:00
Dean Sturtevant NEOC 4:26:16
Bob Lux UNO 4:36:17
Peter McGurkin None HFA
Christina Luis TSC HFA
Eugenio Trevisan NEOC HFA
Clinton Morse WCOC HFA
John Lamneck None HFA
James Crawford NEOC HFA
Francis Hogle QOC HFA
Eric Bressler LIOC HFA
Bob Bullions HVO HFA
Kenneth Walker Sr. CSU HFA
David Onkst QOC HFA
Allison Brown QOC HFA
The Kid – 6.5K, 175 Meters, 14 Controls
Carl Childs GMOC 1:26:30
Max Ahmed QOC 1:41:41
Karen Muffatti WCOC 1:42:07
David Yee NEOC 2:03:45
Barbara Bryant NEOC 2:03:47
Janet Tryson EMPO 2:08:20
Mark Webb CSU 2:11:39
Anne Billman ARCTIC 2:16:50
Nancy Duprey UNO 2:18:10
Mary Jo Childs GMOC 2:19:34
Anna Campbell COC 2:39:50
Anna Morse WCOC 3:03:30